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Toyota Prius Heavy Duty Lifting Springs

Before Prius Lifting Springs

Here at, we build parts for the Full-Time Prius Dweller which means our parts have to be durable to withstand more than the average OffroadJoe’s springs!

We will be releasing our Four Corner Prius Lifting Springs and our Gen 2 6″ Coilover Lifting Suspension Kit here in the coming weeks, when you read the specs you will see why most owners chose our brainchild springs. Yes, we went with another manufacturer as it was determined the spring sag was too dramatic for us. We pulled the springs from our website only to find out the manufacturer started selling our designs. Next thing you know there is a swarm of folks paying outrageous prices for springs and they don’t even know the issue with them sagging. This is why sometimes it may take us longer than others to shop for our products, we have a rigorous QC process to ensure proper fitment. We also do something no other Prius lift kit manufacturer does and that’s actually real-world test our parts!

That all to say… look at this car before and after with our rear lifting springs!

Before Prius Lifting Springs
This is Before Prius Lifting Springs

One thing to point out, the interior only has the Driver’s seat, the buildout on the inside is very creative and has some weight to it. Not to mention the load on the roof and the rear 2″ Prius Trailer Hitch!

After Prius Lifting Springs
After Prius Lifting Springs – Only KYB front Assembly and Rear Shocks with the Lifting Springs for the Prius.

Now, when you look at that stance now. The owner plans to install our 2″ Lift Kit as well and then install some meaty tires. You will notice, even with the interior load and Roof rack load of well over 250lbs, the rear end does not droop! This Prius is now ready to overcome most obstacles compared to before the lifting springs!

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