Toyota Prius Full Front Door Mesh Shades – Gen 3 | 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015


This item will be released August 1, 2021.

Toyota Prius Window Sun Shades

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Quality Toyota Prius sunshades designed to custom fit the front door windows of the Toyota Prius.

  • The shades are perfect for making children, dogs and other pets more comfortable by reducing heat caused by strong sunlight inside your Toyota Prius.
  • These shades look fantastic from both outside and inside.
  • They are a great alternative to window tinting without the quality issues and the unsightly visible ‘edge of film’ which exists with some tints.
  • The shades are OEM quality and far superior to universal stick-on shades.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions are supplied to enable effortless fitting.
  • They are easily removed if you sell your car and want to keep your shades or sell them on.



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