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Prius Lifted over 2″ inches have no issues

Toyota Prius Springs HD Lift Kit Level OffRoad

Contrary to belief, there have been no issues with suspension on a Prius lifted higher than 2″.

Currently, we’ve lifted the Prius over 2″ inches and have thoroughly tested the setup off the pavement, tests where we intentionally pushed the Prius hard in an attempt to break something.

Toyota Prius Lift Kit with Springs HD Lift Tallest Offroad

These days we are determined to understand the Prius and its limits. When other companies say they experienced issues lifting the Prius over 2″ inches, we wonder how? How can, through multiple vehicles and strenuous tests, not have any issues others claim are present?

We can’t wait to have something break or be tweaked from our tests, as then it will show us the weakest link. Until then, we stand by our statements that not all companies you read words from know as much as some give them credit for. We will provide pictures and videos showcasing the quality of our products when we realize lifting a Prius 1.5″ really does not offer the clearance needed to visit BLM lands; others have as well and now switching to our 2″ inch lift kit and heavy-duty springs.

Below is an excellent video on the details of lifting a Prius.

2 thoughts on “Prius Lifted over 2″ inches have no issues

  1. Shirley Timmons says:

    I am a 70 year old woman in Louisiana, and want my Prius V lifted. Do you have a location and service to do it, or could you recommend how to find local people who can do it? I cannot resist taking my Prius off the pavement, and have the bumpers to prove it!

    1. Care Team says:

      Hi Shirley, we assist customers daily by providing contact information for our trusted installers. If you contact us we can gladly work with you to have a specialist install your lift kit.

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