Hybrid cars do not have alternators to recharge the 12V battery so therefore how do you keep it charged all the time?

There is a 12v charger built into the inverter under the hood, you don’t need to do anything with it it just automatically charges when the car is running like any other car

Roof Rack

Can I install it with a regular drill?

Yes, you just need to use the proper drill bit as specified in the installation instructions

Would you be able to share the installation instruction manual for the roof rack so I can see how feasible it is?

Yes, please use this link to view our installation instructions

How long does it take to ship to New York once I order it?

Typically items in stock ship within 48 hours, if a roof rack is not in stock, the date of shipping can take anywhere from 8-22 business days. 

On installation when installing rivnuts how no we ensure no water leaks?

We recommend using Dicor 501LSW-1 Epdm Self-Leveling Lap Sealant as it’s been the one product we can say we’ve had no leaks with compared to our experience with other sealants. 

Is there a lost in MPG with the roof rack?

Compared to other Roof Racks, the MPG lost is minimal.

Can you remove the roof rack after installation?

Yes, once removed, you would have to plug up the rivnuts with some sort of sealant before re-installation of the weather strip into the channel; you wouldn’t be able to notice the roof rack was ever installed. 

Lift Kits

What Lift Kit do you suggest?

For most, they want to maybe go off the beaten path here and there, but nothing too insane with their Prius. The kicker here is, 2″ inch lift by our tests shows is the optimal height increase for a Prius to handle the “off the beaten path” and a little extra if that path turns out to be more than you expected. Any lift lower than 2″ inches we do not recommend going off-road with as the minimal height increase is not sufficient for clearance when you want to do a little more than “off the beaten path”.

What is the largest tire I can use on a 15″inch wheel with a 2012 Gen 3 Prius?

There are several different answers depending on how much rubbing you are okay with. TECHNICALLY speaking a 215/70R15 (27″) tire WILL fit in stock form, but it will rub when you bottom out or in hard turns with bumps. With our 2″ inch lift we have yet to get any rubbing under any circumstances with a 215/70R15. If you wanted to get rid of the rubbing in the stock form you should shoot for an overall diameter of 26″. Speaking from experience, 27.4″ is the absolute maximum you can run (regardless of how big of a lift you run, without the tire rubbing on the bottom coil mount of the front struts. 27.6″ will just barely rub. Keep in mind if you plan on going through mud, running snow chains, or even small rocks getting caught in the tread you will want some clearance.

Does the Heavy Duty or Super Duty Springs make the ride stiffer?

No, infect, they were designed based on the Gen 3 Prius Plug-in rear springs. The Springs ride like what a V6 Toyota Camry drives like, compared to how a 4-cylinder Camry drives (a lot more rough on the road).

Is it worth it to go smaller wheels bigger tire?

Whether you go smaller wheel larger sidewall tires, or larger wheel smaller sidewall tire, in the end its up to the look and ride you want. You will have more room to air down your tires for traction, and will have a more cushiony ride with smaller wheels/larger sidewall tires. When you have larger wheels and smaller tire, your vehicle will have better on road handling however the ride isn’t as “riding on clouds” as would a thicker sidewall tire. 

Does tire size affect MPG heavily.

If you take two cars, one with larger wheels(depending on wheel weight and other variables) and one with smaller wheels, then let three different people drive each vehicle how they normally drive. Each driver will have a different MPG, someone who is light on the gas pedal like my mother, she will always have a higher MPG than someone like myself or my brother. Your use of the pedal and knowing the sweet spot for the best MPG is more of a factory in your MPGs than tires and wheels… which at the most a 5mpg lost just so your Prius can be more cable Offroad.