Learn the story on Overlanding in a Prius

Before Covid-19 happened, the plan was to purchase an F-450
and a Toy Hauler to travel the country and work. Working remotely for over a
decade before Covid-19, the thought of working while visiting/staying a month
in each state was a dream currently. Not to mention, a picture in front of every
50 state “Welcome to the state” sign was a bucket list item.

One Google search leads to another, and the camping out of a
Prius seed was planted. Six weeks and 48 states later, roughly $1780 in fuel was
spent to drive around the lower 48. By this time, it was learned that the Prius
needed additional modifications to handle long road trips, on and

The term “Overland” was also learned and embraced…

The Toyota Prius is not liked by many, including aftermarket
automobile manufacturers. The struggle to find aftermarket upgrades or
add-ons for the Prius to properly overland was nonexistent.

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for Prius owners who want more out of their Prius!