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Toyota Prius Lifting Springs Heavy Duty

Toyota Prius Lifting Springs Heavy Duty

Here at, we build parts for the Full-Time Prius Dweller which means our parts have to be durable to withstand more than the average OffroadJoe’s springs! Our Prius Lifting Springs not only has a tested appropriate additional payload support but based on our research, our Products have been developed and tested in the field versus in a warehouse with a forklift.

We will be releasing our Four Corner Prius Lifting Springs and our Gen 2 6″ Coilover Lifting Suspension Kit here in the coming weeks, when you read the specs you will see why most owners chose our brainchild springs. Yes, we went with another manufacturer as it was determined the spring sag was too dramatic for us. We pulled the springs from our website only to find out the manufacturer started selling our designs. Next thing you know there is a swarm of folks paying outrageous prices for springs and they don’t even know the issue with them sagging. This is why sometimes it may take us longer than others to shop for our products, we have a rigorous QC process to ensure proper fitment. We also do something no other Prius lift kit manufacturer does and that’s actually real-world test our parts!

That all to say… look at this car before and after with our rear lifting springs!

Before Prius Lifting Springs
This is Before Prius Lifting Springs

One thing to point out, the interior only has the Driver’s seat, the buildout on the inside is very creative and has some weight to it. Not to mention the load on the roof and the rear 2″ Prius Trailer Hitch!

After Prius Lifting Springs
After Prius Lifting Springs – Only KYB front Assembly and Rear Shocks with the Lifting Springs for the Prius.

Now, when you look at that stance now. The owner plans to install our 2″ Lift Kit as well and then install some meaty tires. You will notice, even with the interior load and Roof rack load of well over 250lbs, the rear end does not droop! This Prius is now ready to overcome most obstacles compared to before the lifting springs!


In the ever-evolving world of automotive customization, the Toyota Prius continues to stand out as a versatile canvas for enhancements. For Prius enthusiasts seeking a dynamic upgrade that combines both form and function, Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs prove to be a transformative addition. This article explores the benefits and features of Toyota Prius Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs, shedding light on how this modification enhances the driving experience and takes your Prius to new heights—literally.

Unveiling Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs:

Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs are a performance-driven upgrade designed to elevate the Prius to new heights, both in terms of ground clearance and driving capabilities. Unlike conventional suspension systems, these springs are engineered to provide enhanced strength and durability, offering a perfect balance between off-road prowess and everyday practicality.

Key Features:

  1. Increased Ground Clearance: One of the standout features of Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs is their ability to raise the ground clearance of your Prius. This enhancement allows you to navigate rough terrain, uneven surfaces, and obstacles with greater ease, expanding the horizons of your driving adventures.
  2. Enhanced Load-Bearing Capacity: Engineered with heavy-duty materials, these lifting springs bolster the Prius’s load-bearing capacity. Whether you’re carrying additional cargo, towing a trailer, or simply seeking improved stability, the Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs rise to the occasion.
  3. Improved Handling and Stability: The upgraded suspension system contributes to improved handling and stability on the road. Experience enhanced control, responsiveness, and a smoother ride, whether you’re navigating city streets or venturing off the beaten path.
  4. Easy Installation: Prius owners will appreciate the straightforward installation process of Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs. The upgrade is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing suspension system, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient transformation.

Benefits of Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs:

  1. Off-Road Capability: Transform your Prius into a versatile vehicle capable of handling off-road excursions. Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs empower you to explore new terrains, from dirt trails to gravel roads, without compromising on comfort or safety.
  2. Versatility for Adventure: Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a camper, or someone who loves exploring nature, the lifted stance provided by these springs enhances your Prius’s ability to navigate diverse landscapes, turning every drive into an adventure.
  3. Enhanced Towing Capacity: If you require additional towing capacity for trailers or recreational vehicles, Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs provide the necessary support. This upgrade ensures a more controlled towing experience, even with heavier loads.
  4. Customized Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond the functional benefits, the lifted stance contributes to a more commanding and rugged aesthetic for your Prius. It’s a customization that not only enhances performance but also adds a touch of personal style to your vehicle.


Toyota Prius Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs offer a transformative upgrade that goes beyond the ordinary, providing Prius owners with a unique blend of off-road capability, enhanced load-bearing capacity, and a customized aesthetic. Whether you’re seeking new adventures, require additional utility, or simply want to elevate your Prius to new heights, the Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs stand as a testament to the adaptability and versatility of this eco-friendly vehicle. Embrace the power of customization and elevate your drive with Heavy-Duty Lifting Springs for your Toyota Prius.

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