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Blackout Sun Shades are finally in stock and shipping

Prius Blackout Sun Shades Now In Stock!

Great news for Prius owners looking to enhance their privacy and comfort! We’re thrilled to announce that Prius Blackout Sun Shades are now back in stock and ready to ship. As the sole retailer in the USA to stock these exclusive shades, we’re here to help you transform your Prius experience.

Exclusive Availability

Our Prius Blackout Sun Shades have been in high demand, and for good reason. They’re not just any sun shades; they’re designed specifically for the unique dimensions and needs of the Prius. And now, after a much-anticipated wait, we’ve replenished our inventory. This means you can now easily purchase these highly sought-after accessories directly from us, the only retailer in the country to offer them.

Why Choose Prius Blackout Sun Shades?

Enhanced Privacy

Our blackout shades are perfect for those who value their privacy. Whether you’re taking a break in your car during a long trip or storing valuables in the backseat, these shades will keep prying eyes at bay. Enjoy your personal space without compromise.

Superior Comfort

The sun can be relentless, especially during the summer months, turning your car into a sauna. Our blackout shades significantly reduce the amount of sunlight entering your Prius, helping maintain a cooler and more comfortable interior temperature. Say goodbye to the discomfort of entering a hot car.

Sleek Aesthetics

Beyond functionality, these shades also add a sleek, sophisticated look to your Prius. They fit seamlessly with the car’s design, enhancing its overall appearance. It’s a simple upgrade that makes a big difference.

Easy Installation

Worried about complicated installation processes? Don’t be. Our Prius Blackout Sun Shades are designed for easy, straightforward installation. No tools or permanent modifications are required, making it easy for anyone to enhance their Prius in minutes.

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UV Protection

Protect yourself and your car’s interior from harmful UV rays. Our blackout shades not only reduce heat and glare but also block out UV radiation, preserving the condition of your car’s upholstery and dashboard.

Limited Stock Available

Due to their popularity and exclusive availability through our store, we recommend acting fast to secure your set. Our last batch sold out quicker than anticipated, and while we’ve worked hard to increase our inventory, demand remains high.

Order Today for Exclusive Benefits

Ordering your Prius Blackout Sun Shades from us not only guarantees you’ll receive a product specifically designed for your vehicle, but you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from purchasing through a trusted retailer. Plus, we’re offering a special promotion for our customers: free shipping on all orders for a limited time!


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your Prius with our exclusive Blackout Sun Shades. With their combination of privacy, comfort, aesthetics, and easy installation, they’re the perfect addition to any Prius. Shop now and experience the difference for yourself!

3 thoughts on “Blackout Sun Shades are finally in stock and shipping

  1. Adam says:

    When will the Gen 2 Prius Blackout Shades be available? I’d like to order them for my 2008 Prius. Thanks!

    1. Care Team says:

      We’ve discussed a small batch to arrive by the end of June 2023, we will add the product to the site today, in the coming soon section. If interested, leave your email so we can notify you once in stock. If we have a large number of emails here in the next two weeks, a larger order of shades will be made to ensure everyone can have a set if interested.

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