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Toyota Prius Blackout Shades 2023 Update

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We at realize that the Internet can be a scary place.

Not only do you have to worry about scammers stealing your money, some feel the need to spread false information regarding businesses and individuals. If those two weren’t enough, if you own a business, then you know no matter how hard you try to make all customers happy, some you cannot make happy, and we have to deal with that.

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Toyota Prius Blackout Window Sun Shade

While customers and their happiness is one pool of water, a business must navigate through, ensuring the products they sell are in stock and available for shopping to customers is another. We’ve realized on our end there is some room for improvement, mainly letting customers know better updates when an item or item is delayed in arriving.

Take, for instance, the Toyota Prius Gen 3 Blackout shades. If you didn’t know, we are currently the only retailer of these shades in the USA. The distributor of the Toyota Prius blackout shades is located across the pond in the UK. Some might think by ordering from the distributor, they would receive them quicker than ordering from us here at, but if the distributor is out of stock and they are not available for order, that would mean our stock levels or depleted and in some instances would be out of stock as well.

As of January 13, 2023,, the blackout shades distributor, and the blackout shades manufacturer have entered a deal to keep the shades flowing to the USA to The deal, which would allow for shipments of the shades to arrive monthly in limited quantities, should make for swift delivery to customers of

Thirty sets of blackout shades for the Gen 3 Prius are currently on the way to We are talking about having the Gen 2 and 4 blackout shades available in the next 120 days.

Since opening, the blackout shades have been the most challenging item we sell to obtain and keep in stock. We have been processing orders for the blackout shades in a First-in, first-out queue, and any canceled or charge-backed orders will lose their place in the first-in, first-out queue. Unfortunately, there have been long wait times, and some have waited months for the shades. Another unfortunate circumstance is that some of our customers were unaware of the lengthy process to obtain the blackout shades and voiced their frustration. We understand that in this day in age, Amazon has everyone expecting rapid delivery. However, we hope these words can lower those expectations as the blackout shades are imported, and reasonable delays should be expected with imported goods. The part that hurts us is the many negative reviews online appear to be regarding the blackout shades.

We want to thank our valued customers for their trust and their order. We assure you we might be a new company not in the infancy stages now but more in the toddler stage, crawling on the verge of taking our first steps and walking. Rest assured, although we are not perfect, we are working to improve communications and stock many Prius parts. If our first year in operation has shown us anything, we need to keep a lot more parts in stock than we initially planned.

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Toyota Prius Blackout Window Sun Shade

Let us know how we can be of any assistance, and we look forward to providing you with the highest quality parts that you cannot purchase anywhere else but with

4 thoughts on “Toyota Prius Blackout Shades 2023 Update

  1. Cynthia Hobson says:

    I’m curious to know how these blackout shades fit and how they are kept in place. Reviews from current customers concerning these two things would be great. If I have to wait a long time to get them I would like to know they are going to fit properly and stay securely in place.

    1. Care Team says:

      We plan to post a video this month, possibly next week. Currently the shades are in stock and typically ship the same day ordered as of May 14, 2023. It took some work but now we have them arriving routinely and if not in stock, the next batch takes no longer than 3 weeks to arrive. It sounds like you’ve heard of some of our growing pains…

  2. cseversen says:

    Gen 2 Prius Blackout shades please!

    1. SG Admin says:

      We are very close to having them!

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