Whether you are looking for a Prius Roof Rack, Prius Lift Kit, or interested in Prius Springs to take your Prius Overlanding, you are at the right domain on the internet!

Removing the Rear Seat In a Prius.

Removing the rear seat in a Generation 3 Prius is easier than you think, its removal allows for your rear-seat platform to be installed. The metal platform is light weight and is not prone to mold like wood it.


Made in America.

Hand crafted by people who care.


Easy Installation

Removing seats and installing the platform in under 15 minutes.


Increased Storage Space

The rear seat removed means more space for your things.


Made of Metal not Wood

Metal do not support fungus, mold, mildew, or any other microorganisms

The Best Choice For A Winter Ride.

Prius Lift Kit and Prius Roof Rack Low Profile
Toyota Prius Hidden Winch Mount behind Bumper

2010-2015 Toyota Prius Winch Front Bumper Hidden Mount Gen 3

Hidden Winch Mount for 2010-2015 Toyota Prius Winch
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Gen 3 2010-2015 Toyota Prius Lift Kit

2010-2015 Toyota Prius Lift Kit 2-inch Lift Gen 3

Front and rear strut/coil spacers for 2010-2015 Toyota Prius Lift Ki339t. Increases ground clearance and provides 2-inches of lift.
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Toyota Prius Roof Rack Low Profile by PriusOverlanding.com

2010-2015 Gen 3 Toyota Prius Roof Rack | Low-Profile

This particular Low Profile Prius Roof Rack by PriusOverlanding.com is a completely bolt-together roof rack for the 2010-2015 Toyota Prius.
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Toyota Prius Trailer Hitch - 2inch Receiver

2010-2015 Toyota Prius Trailer Hitch 2-inch Receiver Gen 3

Elevate your Toyota Prius with our custom-fit Prius trailer hitch. Hidden design for a sleek look, easy installation, and durable build.
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PriusOverlanding.com Best Features.

In a world where the majority doesn’t appreciate a Prius, we at PriusOverlanding.com takes pride in our products for the Toyota Prius. We not only handcraft the majority of our parts, but we also thoroughly test our products as well. We remember a time in history when it was said lifting a Prius over a certain height, was bad for the Prius. After thoroughly testing our lift kits, we were able to determine the max lift on a Prius myth to be debunked. To this day, anyone who says issues will occur, cannot prove those issues… makes you wonder if the source of the myth actually tested anything.

Pushing the Limits

In order to manufacture products that work without issues, we push our products to the limits to find out if the OE parts or ours will break first to show the weakest link!

Original Innovators

The bulk of our products was the first on the market for the Toyota Prius, after our release or mention of a pending release, other manufacturers began to mimic our products.

Going where a Prius hasn't

We love the look on the faces of folks when they see where we’ve been able to drive a Prius! Our goal is to venture where 4×4 vehicles can only travel to.

Always looking for new ideas

We believe we dont know everything, so, if you have a product idea, let us know, we might not mass produce it but we could always make you a one-off item.

Lifted Toyota Prius Off-Road with Lift Kit

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These days, anyone can type words on the internet.

Our customers know we have been the innovators in this Prius Off The Pavement Movement! You never see the other guys’ customers go the places ours can with our taller than what’s been said is the sweet spot of 1.5-inch lift kit… whoever made up that urban legend might… eh nevermind!


We never planned our Customer Service Strategy.

The plan was just to be out somewhere Overlanding, without service, knowing parts shipped fast and customers had no issues. heh… wishful thinking aye!

One day soon this shall be!


Like most companies, we experienced some hurdles, the problem is… they made some unhappy customers. If they knew we were new… why be so harsh as to leave a negative review telling others not to buy? Why would they Is Equipoise Suppressive want us to fail, versus helping us get better? That’s what gets us…